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Video of How to make Li ion battery fro various types by MTI USA products  

  • Coin Cell
  • Cylinder cell
  • Pouch cell
  • FLow chart of coin cell, cylinder and pouch cell battery
  • Battery analyzer
  • Battery tester UN38.3
  • Battery tester IEC62133
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Construction of Li Ion Coin cell Battery

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Make Li Ion cylinder battery graphic



Make Li Ion pouch battery graphic

Flow chart coin cell, cylinder cell and pouch cell Li-ion battery




Battery Tester UN38.3

Test procedure Test Criteria Equipment product ID# For cell/battery pack  
Test T.1 Altitude simulation MSK-VA53  For Battery pack & Cell
Test T.2 Thermal test MSK-TE906 For Battery pack & Cell
Test T.3 Vibration MSK-ES-4 For Battery pack & Cell
Test T.4 Shock MSK-SS-10 For Battery pack & Cell
Test T.5 External short circuit MSK-TE901-UL For Battery pack & Cell
Test T.6 Impact & Crash MSK-TE902 +MSK-CT6045 + MSK-TE904
For cell only
Test T.7 Overcharge MSK--TE903 +BST8-10A30V+ Bal-VB 301-10K For Battery pack & Cell
Test T.8 Forced discharge MSK-TE903 +BST8-10A30V+Bal-VB 301-10K For cell 

Please click here to review the UN38.3 Li-Ion Battery Transportation Safety Testing Requirements
We provide complete lab equipment solutions for UN38.3 testing and you are welcomed to visit our lab located in Richmond, CA -- please contact us for an appointment. On-site training available with extra cost.





Battery Tester IEC62133

Test     Testing Criteria   Equipment Model# For Cell / Battery Pack  
8.2.1 Continuous charging at constant  BST8-3BST8-10A30VMSK-TE903-UL For Cell only
8.2.2 Moulded case stress at high ambient temperature DHG-9070V-TA For Battery pack
8.3.1 External short circuit (cell) BST8-3BST8-10A30V, MSK-TE901-UL For Cell only
8.3.2 External short circuit (battery) BST8-3BST8-10A30V, MSK-TE901-UL
For Battery pack
8.3.3  Free fall

MSK-TE908-UL,   MSK-TE902-UL

For Battery pack & Cell
8.3.4 Thermal abuse DZF-6050TA  For cell only
8.3.5  Crush MSK-CT6045-B For Cell only
8.3.6  Over-charging of battery BST8-3BST8-10A30VMSK--903-UL For Battery pack
8.3.8 Transport tests UN38.3 test equipment *Documentation used for compliance
8.3.9 Forced Internal-Short Circuit (ISC) Test  MSK-ISC For Europe & Japan  (not required in the USA)















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