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As the inventors of the world's first miniature spectrometer, Ocean Optics has built a reputation on making the impossible happen. Our full range of systems are designed to help you find answers reliably, conveniently and in virtually any application. Whether your work is in the laboratory, classroom, field or on the process line, Ocean Optics has a spectrometer or system that helps you find your answer.

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Absorbance & Transmission

For quantify the concentration of solutions


Gas absorbance

For quantify the concentration of gases


Measuring absolute spectral irradiance

UV-VIS reflection

Diffuse reflection measurement can be used to determine information about chemical content or color of a sample

Reflected color

Determining the reflection spectrum of sample and applying it to a standard illuminant . The amount of light energy the sample reflects is convert to color value X, Y and Z


Fluorescence measurements require a sensitive detector and an effective filter for discrimination between excitation source and weak emission from sample.


Laser analysis

HR4000 is ideal for measuring the spectral characteristics and intensity of continuous-wave and pulsed lasers. For high-power lasers, an integrating sphere or cosine corrector attenuates the light to avoid saturating the CCD array.


A thin film on a substrate can act as an etalon, creating an interference pattern superimposed on the surface reflectivity when viewed in reflection. The spacing of the pattern’s sinusoidal peaks, when combined with the refraction index of the material, can be used to calculate the thickness of the material.



For oxygen sensing, the NeoFox Phase Measurement System is our most popular fluorescence-based optical sensing system.



Their high-performance systems are designed specifically for quick material identification and verification in almost any setting.



The LIBS2500 Broadband Spectrometer is a detection system for real-time elemental analysis in solids, solutions and gases. This high-resolution system provides full spectral analysis from 200-980 nm, with optical resolution of ~0.1 nm (FWHM).


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USB2000+, USB4000, HR2000+, HR4000, QE65000, MAYA, NIR, JAS, NeoFox


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