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Raman Application Areas

Raman spectroscopy is useful for analyzing molecules without a permanent dipole moment, which does not show up on an IR spectrum. Raman spectroscopy is used to determine bond lengths in non-polar molecules. It is useful for determining the identity of organic and inorganic species in solution, as the Raman transitions for these species are more characteristic than for IR, where the transitions are much more affected by the other species present in the solution. Raman can be used to analyze solid, liquid and gaseous sample components even through glass and plastic containers.


  • Art: Pigments, inks, substrates, resins
  • Biology: in vivo studies, surface studies, SERS
  • Catalysts: NO decomposition, kinetics of hydrogenation reactions
  • Corrosion: corrosion kinetic studies, bronze, aluminum
  • Forensics: drugs, explosives, pigments, powders, tablets, gels and surfaces, chemicals
  • Materials: diamond films, semiconductors, nanotubes, asbestos, materials ID
  • Pharmaceuticals: in situ crystal growth monitoring, kinetics, active ingredients, polymorphs differentiation
  • Polymers: polymerization monitoring, plasticizer studies, density mapping of films
  • Process: online monitoring, quality control, research
  • Other: gemology, geology, chemical and petrochemical processes, water-quality analysis


Raman Systems

We offer several Raman turnkey sensing systems from our partner, Raman Systems, Inc. Their high-performance systems are designed specifically for quick material identification and verification in almost any setting.


Summary Table



PEK-785 Pro-785 Pro-785E Pro-532

Excitation Wavelength (nm)






Laser Power (mW)

5 to 300

5 to 300

5 to 300

5 to 300


Raman Spectral Range (cm-1)

 200 to 3000

 200 to 3000

 200 to 2000

 200 to 3900

 200 to 4500

Spectral Resolution (cm-1)






Raman Shift Stability

 <  in 12 hours

Photometric Stability

< 4% in 12 hours

< 4% in 12 hours

< 1% in 12 hours


NA = 0.28, working distance = 5 mm spot size < 0.2 mm


NA = 0.28, sample spot size = 0.1 to 0.3 mm


>4 hr charge

Size  (cm)





< 8 lb ( 3.6 Kg)

Operating Temperature

 -25 °C to 70 °C

 -25 °C to 45 °C



 Pin Pointer
Pinpointer, the "Point-Click" solution designed specifically for quick material identification and verification on the go and for various field deployments.
The PeakSeeker by Raman Systems is our most practical and easy-to-use Raman spectrometer. It is an excellent choice for users who want a full featured Raman spectrometer but have a limited budget.
 PeakSeer Pro
The PeakSeeker Pro represents the state-of-the-art for an accurate, cost-effective and easy-to-use Raman spectrometer. The premier instrument in the Raman Systems line utilizes TE-cooled, high efficiency CCD detector arrays, and is available with either a 532 nm or 785 nm laser.
 RAM-LR Laser
A stabilized diode laser (at 785 nm) provides an ideal narrow linewidth excitation source for Raman spectroscopy using CCD detectors. The laser can be controlled through software and has all the laser Class IIIb safety features.
 RSM Microscoe
The Raman Systems RSM Video Raman Microscope is an upright laboratory microscope that couples to a Raman Systems spectrometer (sold separately). The accessory is supplied with a Reflected Light Illuminator and a USB Color Video Camera.
 MSK Microscopy Kit
The MSK Raman Microscopy Kit from Raman Systems turns an upright laboratory microscope into a video Raman spectroscope. The kit includes a Raman Beamsplitter Module that mounts below the eyepiece assembly and a USB Color Video Camera that mounts above the eyepiece.


RSIQ™ (included)

Raman Spectroscopy Software

Spectral Acquisition and Display

v User-friendly interface, routine analysis

v One-touch data acquisition

v Two data formats: SPC and ASCII

v Easy instrument verification

v Spectral smoothing & peak labeling



RSIQ-QUAL (sold separately)

Simplified User Interface

For Routine Material-ID

v Database matching and reporting

v Build unique spectral database

v Calculation of search “hit quality”

v Commercial database with over

    8000 materials (sold separately


Add-on Options


multivariate analysis tool


supports 21 CFR Part 11


ID-find™ for PinPointer

Simplified User Interface

For Routine Material-ID

v Easy to use GUI for the non-expert

v One-touch data acquisition

v Build a unique spectral database

v Add a commercial spectral database

    with thousands of materials



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