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LIBS is useful method for determining the elemental composition of solids, liquids and gases. 

  • For fast and accurate measurements
  • Flexible sample type
  • Light elements, alkali (C, H, Li, Be, Na, K, etc.) and full range of elements

The LIBS concept

High power laser pulse is focused on to a sample
- Create a plasma or laser spark
Emission from the atoms and ions in the plasma
- Collection by a lens/fiber and analysis by spectrometer.
- Determine the elemental composition and/or the elemental concentration

Simple & Rapid Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis


LIBS process

1)ABLATION – the laser removes / vaporizes material from the sample


2)PLASMA – electrons are stripped from the atoms by the high electric field, followed by absorption and multiphoton ionization to create a plasma


3)EXCITATION – the plasma electronically excites the vaporized material – forming excited atoms


4)EMISSION – as the plasma cools, atoms return to the ground state and give off LIGHT



LIBS plasma, timeline of plasma emission, resulting time-resolved spectrum

LIBS Modular System



Configuration :

Ocean Optics LIBS modular system


HR2000 spectrometers (7) covering 200-980 nm with 0.1 nm FWHM resolution, or a sub-set of the 7 channel system

CCD array

2048 pixels/channel = 14,336 detectors covering 780 nm, or 0.054 nm/pixel

300:1 SN, improves with more scans (root mean square rel.)

No moving parts

1ms integration time

USB interface

Very robust, wavelength stable


Imaging ModuleControl sample location

View pre and post ablation

Save images for reports

PCMCIA or PCI interface for Laptop or Desktop computers


Nd:YAG1064 nm,532nm,355nm,266nm

50 or 200 mJ depending on the sample matr



Optical Fiber Bundle

600 um, UV/VIS (HOH)

One fiber/channel

Aligned off axis, 1-2 cm from plasma

Collimating lens attachment

Software – OOILIBS

Windows based with ~ 2300 elemental emission lines (neutral & ionic)

Elemental ID and Correlation

a 50 mJ laser + installation & training

a 200 mJ laser + installation & training


OOI LIBS Software
  • Real-time data acquisition software
  • Electrical control and timing
  • Spectral processing functions
  • Elemental Identification
  • Spectral signature recognition and development
  • Data logging functions




Power full of software

  • 2300 elemental lines in OOILIBS data base
  • Every element present in data base
  • Identify elemental emissions per user criteria
  • Wavelength, intensity, probability
  • Careful interpretation required
  • Gemological

    • industry is looking for counterfeit gemstones

    • Particularly Beryllium infused corundum (Rubies and Sapphires)

    • Identifying Be at 313nm using LIBS technique

    • Quantitative analysis confirmed down to ~3.0ppm

    • Standards used for quantification validated by ICP-OES

    • Requires high power laser pulse to get adequate signal strength (200mJ)

    • Requires precise focus of laser to avoid damage to gemstones

      Exploring use of 266nm as laser source to further reduce the possibility of damage to stones

  • Metallurgical

    •  measurements of molten metals for chemical composition

  • Semiconductor

    • General material/contaminant characterization

  • Mining

    • soil chemistry

    • identify anything from phosphates to coal to copper


  • Archeological

    • Elemental analysis of materials for authentication

  • Recycling

    • Recycling of several types of materials

    • Glass, Metals, Plastics, Wood and others

  • Forensics

  • Biomedical

    • Detection of microorganisms on filters, in liquids and aerosols

    • Bacillus subtilis

    • Geobacillus stearothermophilus

    • Bacillus pumilus

    • Standard LIBS2000+, 50mJ YAG

  • Food Industry

    • Real need for rapid determination of microbial contamination in beef, pork, poultry, and fish processing Listeria, Clostridian, Ecoli

    • Looking for Lead, Mercury and Arsenic contaminated foods

    • Heavy metals are easy to detect with LIBS


  • Military

  • Environmental

  • Bio/chemical warfare agents detection

  • Security (authentication)

  • Bulk Materials















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