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The HAVER TYLER CPA 2-1 from W.S. TYLER® is the newest member of the Photo-Optical Particle Size Analyzer and Particle Shape Analyzer group. The unit is ideally designed for laboratory use. It's measuring range is focused on the particle sizes of the traditional test sieving process. Contact Us >

W.S. Tyler’s CPA technology examines particle size and shape characteristics with sophisticated digital line cameras, employing photo optics to perform particle size analysis. A series of machine models examine particles sizes within the ASTM E11 standard range and above. The CPA conveys dry, free flowing material samples to fall in front of the camera lens, which is taking approximately 20,000 scans per second. This technology provides consistent, repeatable results.

Each sample particle is examined and the measurement(s) recorded. The user friendly, easy to use software processes, reorganizes and then formats the data for instant analysis. The CPA particle size analyzer user can select from a virtually infinite list of measurement "openings" for custom analysis. ASTM, ISO and all other international standard sizes are available in addition to specific custom sizes the application may require. A typical particle size distribution curve may be examined in finer detail, which may lead to an optimal product mix.

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What separates the Tyler CPA technology from other particle size and shape analyzers is the exclusive Haver software that performs a correlation calculation matching CPA raw data to traditional test sieving results. The HAVER TYLER CPA 2-1 actually counts and measures, in real time, each individual particle of a representative material sample. The resulting distribution curve is based on the actual number of particles measured within a given size range. The test sieving process is a weight distribution analysis method. The correlation now becomes significant as today, and into the foreseeable future, traditional test sieving methods will remain popular and cost effective for many quality control laboratories.

Graphical Results





Cumulative Weight

Particle Distribution

Minimal training is usually required with the Windows™ based software package. Some CPA models can be operated on a laptop computer. Sample preparation is much the same as with sieving. It is very important to collect and prepare a representative collection of material particles for accurate results.


HAVER TYLER CPA 2-1 Conveyor

The standard model HAVER TYLER CPA 2-1 particle size analyzer can be used in most applications. The model HAVER TYLER CPA 2-1 CONVEYOR is recommended for applications with “stick – like” shaped particles.

CPA particle size and shape measurement is not limited to laboratory functions. The new technology units can also be applied “in-line”, engineered into a material process flow, for example, examining particles fed onto or exiting over/through a sizing screen. Collecting and examining samples in real time can provide valuable information before the material finds its way to final product. The Tyler CPA has the capabilities to communicate with other process equipment and sound alarms, make equipment adjustments or shut down a line completely, before more costly time and effort are spent on the process. The savings here could be significant.

Many industrial companies have found cost effective applications both in their laboratories and production processes including but not limited to food, chemicals, plastics, minerals, coal, sugar, sand, ceramics, glass, pharmaceuticals, and other industrial processes.

models are capable of particle shape and size analysis. Measuring results are available in the following values:

1. Feret—Diameter

2. Martin—Diameter

3. Maximum Chord

4. Maximum Length

5. Maximum Width, ort. to 4

6. Maximum Feret—Diameter

7. Length, ort. to 6

The CPA Technology is very affordable. Units are available for sale or offered
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