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High pressure and vacuum


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High Pressure Tube Furnace with 60mm SS310S Alloy Tube up to 800°C @150 PSI - OTF-1200X-LP-60


High Pressure and High Vacuum Tube Furance (10E-6 Torr/800 psi max PP, 1100°C max heat temp.)

High Pressure Tube Furnace with 20mm ID. Super-alloy Tube up to 1100C @ 700PSI- OTF1200X-HP-55
1100°C Vacuum Chamber Furnace (7.5"IDx8.5"Depth, 7.6 Liter ) with 30 Segment Programable Temperature Controller - VBF-1200X-H8
Compact Ultra-High Temperature Tube Furnace (25mm ID. 2300 C Max) with Digital Controller -- 8-12 wk delivery - EQ-GSL-2000X-25
Compact High Pressure & High Temperature Tube Furnace (25mm ID. 1900 C & 2500PSI Max) - EQ-HPT-1900X-25
Small Titanium High Pressure Reactor, 100ml, 400oC @ 3MPa




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