Fiber Optics Spectrometer

Miniature spectrometer

 all applications you ever imagine


Spray and Freeze Dryer

Spray dryer - Yamato




Freeze Dryer - Yamato



Heating chamber

Oven- Vacuum Oven - Yamato




Autoclave - Yamato





Etuves- Lab Oven

- Vacuum Oven

- Incubator

- High temp oven



Oven - Incubator- Sterilizer






Cooling chamber

Refrigerator & Freezer



Portable meter

Water analysis meter 




Vacuum pump oil free



Vacuum pump rotary



Syringe pump



Sample preparation

Circulating bath



Heating box digester



Glove Box



Plasma Cleaner



Rotary evaporator

-Sample preparation set




High Speed Centrifuge

Centrifuge - MicroCen

-Microliter centrifuge



Centrifuge - UniCen

 -High speed Universal centrifuge

-Refrigerate centrifuge


Centrifuge - HiCen

 -High speed large centrifuge

-Refrigerate centrifuge


Sieve shaker & particle analyzser

Sieve Shaker-Ro-Tap® Test



CPA Particle Analyzer and
Shape Analyzer


Bioreactor & Fermentor

Bioreactor & Fermentor



Viscosity tester

Viscosity bath



Circulation Bath

Heating bath/circulation



Cooling bath/circulation



Cleaning bath

Ultra sonic bath



Spin coater

MTI-Spin coater



Chemat- Spin Coater



Spin Coater - Plastic



Spin coater "Stainless"





Material research equipments


Film coater

    Watch VDO


Glove box and gas purification

    Watch VDO


Spin coater



Lab press & rollers



Lab mill & mixer

    Watch VDO


Crystal growth system



Plasma cleaner



Digital microscope



Desk - X-ray instrument



Muffle furnaces(400-1800C)



Tube furnaces(1-5 Zones)



Hi-pressure & Vacuum



RTP furnaces



Dental sintering furnace



Vacuum oven



Inducting heating & melting



Contact angle



Material research equipment highlight





General Equipments


Overhead stirrer



Vortex mixer






Mini Centrifuge




Hotplate stirrer



Microplate mixer




























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